Here’s How Gold Accessories Should Be Cleaned

If your gold accessories are looking a little plain, don’t panic! A methodical maintenance will be able to restore its brand-new look again! You don’t have to buy costly jewelry cleaners to get your jewelry shining and sparkling. This can be carried out with the use of simple items you can find right at home.

Cleaning Accessories with Dishwashing Soap:

Put a Few Drops of Soap in a Bowl of Lukewarm Water. Mix it gently. Even if a normal tap water is usable, you could use the club or sodium-free seltzer water soda. The carbonation in these fluids can help loosen collected debris and dirt. Avoid using boiling water, especially if your accessory is created from vulnerable precious stones. Some precious gems can crack if exposed to drastic temperature changes. Identically, avoid using freezing water because the grime will get tougher and contract.

Dip the Accessory in a Gold Solution. Let your piece of jewelry sit in water for about 15 – 30 minutes. As it soaks, a warm soapy solution will work its way into the crevices or cracks, loosening the hard-to-reach accumulations of dirt.

Gently Scrub It with a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush. Scrub each accessory separately, giving more attention to crannies or nooks in which dirt can be concealed. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush – the shorter, the better! Stiff bristles can scratch the surface of your accessory. If your own jewelry is gold-plated, stiff bristles can even remove the gold surface entirely! But, if there’s any crack that’s not cleaning up, take a Q-tip and rub it softly along the fissure. Other special brushes created for these aims are more appropriate, but most soft brushes will suffice.

Rinse Each Accessory in Warm Running Water. A good rinsing will help eliminate the lingering debris that’s been loosened by the action of your brushes. Make sure the water isn’t boiling – especially if your accessory contains fragile gems. Don’t let the water flow in a very strong stream either, as there is a lot of strain on the jewel. If you’re washing your accessory in the sink, plug the drain so that you won’t accidentally lose your jewelry if it slips out of your hands. As an alternative, rinse your accessory in a metal coffee filter or pasta strainer.

Blot Dry with a Soft Piece of Cloth. Finally, let the accessory sit out on a soft towel to dry before you wear it again. If your accessory is still wet, wearing it can attract moisture to your skin, resulting in minor skin irritation or swelling.

If you want to clean your jewelry with toothpaste, use this procedure with utmost care. It may scratch the silver and gold. Additionally, the chemicals that clean your teeth may leave a film on gold and stones. If you’re worried about this, try the gentler ones instead. Just like when you brush your teeth, you need to clean your accessory to eliminate grime or dirt! Call a Palm Springs jewelry store if you wish for a more professional approach.