Best Value Mirrors for Salons and Barbershops

Get more stylish, fresh, and energetic sights

Customer satisfaction level is very important to maintain business, especially for Salons and Barbershops. After treatment done, your customer will look at the mirror and see how it goes. Therefore the choice of mirror is really important to help you give more value to your customers. Here is the list of best mirror choice based on their style, strength, durability, functionality and warranty.

  1. DIR Backlit LED Luna II Salon Miror

This Dream in Reality (DIR) series available with 2 frame options; black ash or glossy white. Click here to see how the black ash wood paneling neutralize grease and grime naturally, easy to clean, and tidy. Meanwhile glossy white style will give you glamour tone in blink-blink echo, for more modern style choice.

Functionality of this DIR series is an advance built-in remote control LED Lighting with Glass Shelf to contain your important stuff during the treatment which makes you easier to move. It also has integrated dryer holder, a good option for tight space. 1 Year warranty included to keep you safe during shipping, so you can return it 100% if you received a damage product.

  1. DIR Chiasuro Chrome & Black Salon Mirror Styling Station

This DIR series is designed for new age Salons and Barbershops. It has perforated stainless steel construction, and more stylish with “breathing” style.  It could be a perfect option to decorate your space in modern age style and impress your customer in their deep feeling. You can click here for more detail information.

In functionality term, this mirror is really easy to be attached on the wall. Just simply follow the instruction, pick your best wall location to attach, and then follow the instruction step by step. Other than easy installation, this mirror has shelf counter and dryer holder in one unit. Both of these functions add more support during the treatment process. Last thing is about the warranty; 1 year protection to each unit is included for each unit.

  1. DIR Black & Chrome Decorative Salon Styling Mirror and Wall Mounted Station

Last DIR series has decorative stylish Black and Chrome mirror to make a beautiful combination with your salons and barbershops character. In term of price, it might be a bit higher, but it will give you more satisfaction in the result and could also increase your business value. This mirror has a modern look, modern beauty design to amaze your customer. With other functionality such as LED Light adjustment, glass shelf, dryer holder, and 1 year warranty, this could become a best option.