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Three Services Offered in Wedding Photography Packages

The feeling is so surprising that it can not be described in a few words. However, it takes a lot of effort, research and agreement to make D-Day memorable. Photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding. The beautiful moments of all the functions of your wedding should be captured and cherished for life.

There are several wedding photography packages that are available today. They include various services that will make your marriage union an unforgettable event. However, this is where you must understand that all this does not begin on the day of the wedding. The photos taken before the wedding tell the story of the couple before marriage. In short, the wedding photos offered by professional photographers tell the story of love and the bond of married couples, so, several years after seeing these photos, they will feel the charm again.

wedding photography packages singaporePrenuptial photos:

This is a relatively new concept. Modern packages include photos of premature couples who are ready to get married. Professional photographers organize creative shots. If your budget allows, you can also choose beautiful and romantic places, such as incredible historical and architectural monuments, the beach and the lakes. These places create the perfect setting for artistic photographs of couples. These images are compiled, edited and used to create videos that are shown to the guests in any of the functions of marriage or reception.

Printed versions of the images:

Once your marriage is finished, all the images will be edited and collected. Professional photographers have a team that collects these images to make a Shaadi album. Wedding favors can also include photographs, such as a slide show of various images, t-shirts, cups and coffee tables. These printed materials remind you of the unforgettable and amazing event that happened between you two.

Preparation of wedding photos:

As a general rule, most wedding packages provided by professional photographers include photos of wedding preparations. The bride and groom have a separate photo session before the wedding at the place of their choice. The photographs of the wedding photos show the images of the wedding dress, since all the preparations are made for the day and the composition of the bride. In addition, they include photos of the groom when he is preparing his wedding attire and accessories, such as watches and cufflinks. Photographers make sure that all the details of the preparation are covered, including the wedding rings.

Photo albums are a very important aspect of wedding photography packages. Instead of having a photo album that is identical to all the others, the choice of photographers who can make an individual design is the best. Most designers allow customers to visit and discuss the designs before printing them. Images can be printed on different types of paper, such as linen, canvas or metal. The size of the photos also depends on the preferences. In addition to the fact that you have printed photos, an additional package can be offered, whereby the images are saved on a DVD and played back in a slideshow and with soft music playing the background. The fees charged for each of these packages vary. The larger and more complex the package, the higher the rates.

Packages of wedding photographs after the wedding are also offered for newlyweds to their destination for the honeymoon. Photographers are responsible for transportation costs if the area is very close. If the area is not available, the client assumes responsibility for transport costs, as well as lodging and meals for photographers.



These are just three of the many services that are included in a wedding photography package. Undoubtedly, the concept of hiring professional photographers for a wedding changed the way things were done until several years ago. Be sure to check everything carefully and compare different packages to get the best offer. Then, pick up your socks and start looking for wedding photography packages singapore immediately to avoid last-minute problems.